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YH001 Conveyer Belt Joint Vulcanizing Machine
YH001 Conveyer Belt Joint Vulcanizing Machine

Our company has introduced new-type conveyer belt joint vulcanizing equipment, and applied for national patent This equipment is characterized by easy transportation, simple assembling, fast cooling and short vulcanization time. The equipment adopts high- pressure rubber pocket for pressurization, integrated heating thermometric socket, water cooling and heating plate and movable electric pressing pump. Our company refers to the product advantages of other companies in Europe, America and Japan in terms of design and manufacturing philosophies of conveyer belt joint vulcanizing machine. Based on the on-site actual service condition of domestic users, we have manufactured new-type conveyer belt quick joint vulcanizing machine by combining with unique technical innovation, resolving the puzzles of vulcanizing machine's heaviness, uneven pressure and long joint time.


Main characteristics:

1.Pressurization: Adopt internationally advanced rubber pocket pressurizing technology, featuring light main components and even pressurization.

2.Electrical heating: Adopt internationally advanced silica gel flexible heating elements, sectional electric boiling plate, even heating, strong anti-aging resisting compression, easy transport and placing.

3.Heat insulation technology: Adopt the heat insulation measures of combining advanced fiber cloth and rubber, better solving the heat insulation problem of underground moist environment.

4.Falling temperature technique: Adopt advanced external rubber cooler, with good safety and reliability, as well as fast cooling time.

5.Pressurizing bar: After special processing and designing treatment towards premium aluminium extrusions, with high compressive strength and easy transport, without square hole in the mid-position of aluminum bar's outer side, and without damaging aluminum bar's strength.

6.Bolts: As to the special steel built-in bolt, the bolt's ends are exposed to the upper surface of pressurizing bar, with one square nut up and down stuck in the pressurizing bar.

7.Adopt smart watch PID control, and a smart watch controls a heating plate, a control case controls a couple of heating plates, and numerical indicator displays pre-established vulcanizing and real-time temperatures. The temperature control case is equipped with timer, accurately controlling temperature and time, and owns good insulation, while achieving automatic or manual control. The integrated vulcanization plate cable can be wear-resisting, shock-resistant and preventing electric shock. The main components adopt Germany's Siemens imported components.

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