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BBA large vulcanization joint machine
BBA large vulcanization joint machine

Product Introduction

Conveyer belt vulcanization joint (patching) machine series products adopt combined type and electrical heating technique, small temperature difference of hot plate and evenly heating. New high-pressure water pockets are of pressure equalization, and convenient usage, and reliable quality. Control system adopts new automatic numerical control case. Electrical components adopt imported DELIXI electrical appliance, with simple operation, stable performance and light weight, applicable to vulcanization joint (patching) of various belts like canvas, nylon, steel wire core and PVC/PVG. In order to save working time, it's feasible to choose water cooling system for vulcanizing temperature falling to 60℃ only within 20 minutes, greatly improving working efficiency. The conveyer belt vulcanization joint (patching) machine is a kind of brand-new and ideal conveyer belt glue joint (patching) equipment, wildly used in various transportation belt vulcanization joints and restoration of these industries such as metallurgy, mine, cement, power plant, port, building materials and chemical.

ZLJ combined-type conveyer belt vulcanization joint machine’s 5 major innovative technologies:

1.Our company has developed the latest vulcanizing machine smart temperature control box, which adopts insulated, shock-resistant and water-proof design, able to perfectly achieve vulcanizing machine's automatic heating and heat preservation, with the function of automatic power off and warning after finishing work. Meanwhile, it allows for multi-channel temperature monitoring system, that is to say, it allows for real-time monitoring the temperature of heating plate's 3 to 5 different parts, and intuitively display the temperature difference of vulcanization joint, so as to ensure joint quality.

2.The new-style mute high-pressure hydraulic pump possesses the characteristics of small size, light weight, mass flow, low noise, fast response and strong impact resistance. Our company's high-pressure hydraulic pumps of the up-to-date style are of elegant appearance, smaller size and lighter weight, with the water injection rate being double times of the previous-generation products'. Equipped with high-pressure water pocket, it can achieve the pressure of 2.3Mpa, and perfectly achieve vulcanization joint's pressure requirements.

3.Our company developed rubber pressure water pocket in 2005, perfectly replacing old-fashioned vulcanizing machine hydraulic pressure plate. This revolutionary technology has thoroughly overturned various pressuring technologies of conveyer belt vulcanizing machine, and made our company's vulcanizing machine products improved to a higher level, possessing a leading advantage in the fierce market competition, comparable to and even transcend the imported products from Canada and Germany. Since then, it has played a leading role in the industry of ZLJ combined-type conveyer belt vulcanization joint machine.

4.Our company developed integrated plates of silica gel heating element, with the same size of heating plate, without splicing, ensuring the maximum heating area, even temperature and fast heating. It’s feasible to bear the highest temperature of 180℃, and as such, the innovative heating technology of vulcanizing machine has now become the most ideal heating element of vulcanizing machine, maintaining our company’s leading role in the industrial technologies.

It's feasible to customize different types of connectors according to customers' requirements.

I. Major configurations:

ZLJ combined-type conveyer belt vulcanization joint machine can adopt single-machine vulcanization and multi-machine combination. The main configurations of single vulcanizing machine are as follows:



The whole machine

1 set

Ratchet Wrench

2 pieces

Sizing Block


Gripping Device

1 set

Electric Cabinet

1 set

Power Cable

1 root

Control Cable

2 roots



QLElectric Booster Pump

1 set

SD-type Manual Booster Pump(Free Backup)

1 set

High-pressure Water Pipe

2 roots

Water-cooling System(Alternative)

1 set










II Model and Dimension

●Belt width can be divided into: 500, 650,800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200 (mm);

●Belt joint length can be divided into: 250,300,350,400,500,600,700,800,830,1000,1200 (mm);

●Heating plate type can be divided into: Type-A-parallelogram, 72℃; Type-B-rectangular, 90℃;

●Voltage class can be divided into: 380V, 660V, 1140V, three voltage classes in total;

●Configurations can divided into fast water cooling type and natural cooling type.

III Main Technical Characteristics

●Electrical heating type, pressurizing mode adopts hydraulic pressure type;

●Working power supply 1140V, 660V, 450V, 415V, 380V, 220V, 50Hz, operating voltage is customizable for foreign customers;

●Control power voltage 1140V, 660V, 450V, 415V, 380V, 220V, 50Hz, operating voltage customizable for foreign customers;

●Single-sheet heating plate heating power unit area≥7000W/m;

●Set up automatic digital temperature control system, vulcanizing temperature 0-199℃, adjustable;

●Heating up time: ( rise to vulcanizing temperature 145℃ at normal temperature) not more than 25min;

●Vulcanization pressure < 2Mpa;

●Full automatic control towards heating up, heat preservation, temperature ultra-limit protection.

IV Main Technical Parameters of Ordinary Vulcanizing Machine

(This parameter list is filled in according to regular high-strength aluminum alloy, except for the regular dimensions of 830mm and 1000mm, customizable for any other non-standard dimension).


V Packaging and Transportation

As our company's export products' accessories, all the vulcanizing machine packing cases adopt non-fumigation packing case. Adopt galvanized steel strip to assemble six plywood panels based on the special construction of tongue-shaped lock catch. Collapsible and demountable plywood packing cases are of beautiful appearance, convenient loading and discharging, with fumigating trays at the bottom, conforming to customs office's exit criteria.

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