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DB-G Steel Wire Transportation Belt Header Machine
DB-G Steel Wire Transportation Belt Header Machine

Product Introduction:

DB-G steel wire transportation belt header machine is our company's new-style equipment, which is divided into conventional type and flameproof type, featuring easy operation, operational efficiency, low labor intensity, reliable work and easy transport. It can complete the work of steel wire conveyer belts of different types, and it’s the common additional equipment of various steel wire transportation belt vulcanization joint, applicable to field usage of various environments, unique creation in China and leading role in the world, wildly used in the industries of metallurgy, mine, cement, port, power plant, building materials and chemical etc.


Application scope:

Separation between upper cover rubber and lower cover rubber, core rubber and steel wire of steel wire core conveyer belt;

Product characteristics:

1.Fast stripping speed, accessible to substantially reduce labor intensity, and save section header time;

2.Light weight and easy transport;

3.Stable operation.

Technical parameters:

1.Power: 3KW

2.Weight: 96kg

3.Application scope: 650mm-2200mm different widths of steel wire belt

4.External dimension: 590 * 360 * 470mm


1.Let professional electricians turn on power;

2.Fasten the stripping machine in order to avoid sliding;

3.When stripping, the width should coincide with the relevant requirements.

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