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DB-F Multi-layer Transportation Belt Header Machine
DB-F Multi-layer Transportation Belt Header Machine

Product Introduction:

DB-F multi-layer transportation belt header machine is the common auxiliary tool of multi-layer conveyer belt, featuring ordinary power, easy operation, high operational efficiency and low labor intensity, able to complete all the work of multi-layer conveyer belt, being an ideal additional equipment of various multi-layer conveyer belts, mainly used for the separation between cover rubber and canvas, cover rubber and steel wire of various fabric core conveyer belts and steel wire core conveyer belts;


Application scope:

Separation of upper cover rubber, lower cover rubber, core rubber and canvas of various fabric core conveyer belts;

Product characteristics:

1. Large stripping area and fast speed, resulting in substantially reducing labor intensity and saving joint time;

2. Light weight and easy transport;

3. Stable operation;

4. Simple operation;

Technical parameters:

1. Power: voltage - 380V 50Hz

2. Power: 0.75Kw

3. Weight: 35Kg (motor + reductor + machine base, steel wire + collet)

4. Linear speed: 0.3m/s

5. Application scope: various multi-layer belt joint stripping of PV, EP, NN and cotton canvas

Usage method:

1.Design midline for conveyer belt according to the conventional method, separate the first layer from corresponding joint with knife;

2.Put conveyer belt stripping machine at proper location, and fasten it with steel wire;

3.Turn on power;

4.Clip the first layer with clamp, run the motor, and cut the stripping part with knife tool properly;

5.After stripping the first layer, repeat the above relevant step, and respectively strip the second and third layers;


1.Make professional electricians turn on the power;

2.Fasten the stripping machine in order to avoid sliding;

3.The width can't exceed relevant requirements when stripping.

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